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For almost 90 years SÜDA stands for innovation and quality in the field of foot care and podiatry. The wide range of foot and nail care products, as well as professional pedicure equipment.  All our products with unique natural active ingredients are designed to be highly efficient in healing and moisturizing. For every foot problem,  SÜDA help to find the ideal solutions for your needs.




Callusan cream mousses are the next generation skin care products. Due to it’s special aerosol technology and airy base the product penetrate through the foot skin without clogging up the pores. The product absorbs instantly without leaving any oily residue, which allows skin to breathe. 8 different types offer specific solutions for most common feet skin problems.



Podofix provides an innovative method for correcting all types of ingrown toes. This type of correction is suitable for almost everyone, including infants and diabetic patients. Therapists and patients alike are convinced by its medical and cosmetic results. 


Podofix is adapted to the individual nail shape and can be applied immediately, noticeably relieving discomfort for the patient in most cases. Attaching and activating the brace only takes a few minutes and is hardly noticeable. During the treatment, the everyday life or sports and water activities of the patient are generally not affected. 




Unguisan can be used to treat a wide range of nail problems, though a distinction needs to be made between chronic nail damage and temporary deformation. What can be laid down, as a general rule is that there must be a remnant of the natural nail to provide a durable anchorage for the artificial nail.

Examples of frequent indications in favor of nail prosthetics are:

- Conditions following traumatic loss of the nail plate

- Brittle nails (onychorrhexis)

- Splitting of the nail (schizonychia)

- Thickness and deformation of the nail (onychogryphosis)

- Fungal infections

- Cosmetic defects.



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