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Greppmayr GmbH 

Greppmayr GmbH looks back on more than 80 years of family tradition. For as long as three generations,  our core competence has been lying in foot care. All our products are developed and tested in close cooperation with podiatrists and foot care specialists. Our customers’ wishes and feedback continue to be included in the Callusan dare programme. This closeness to practical applications 
is the basis of our product range and a significant part of our corporate philosophy.

What is Callusan? 

Callusan Cream Mousses are the next generation of skin care product. Thanks to their special aerosol technology, they can dispense with a fatty base. The airy, light creme mousse does not clog up your pores. Important skin functions remain intact, your skin is able to "breathe".

Callusan particularly stands out because it is simple and easy to use. 

The fine creme mousse is absorbed by your skin quickly, without leaving any residues. The irritating fatty film is a thing of the past. In addition to these benefits, Callusan is also very economical and excellent value because, due to the special format of dosage, only a small amount is sufficient for each application.


Callusan offers the following advantages:

• Absorbs quickly and completely
• No greasy film after use
• Does not clog up your pores
• Very economical and good value
• Clean and hygienic
• Ideal protection for the product
• Long shelf life
• Dermatologically tested

The Callusan formulas went through various dermatologically tests. In an elaborate process high-quality ingredients are united to a foaming oil-in-water emulsion.

After bottling, the aluminum tins are sealed air-tight. Environmentally friendly propellants create the pressure necessary to produce the characteristic Callusan Creme Mousse.


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