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Being a foot care expert SÜDA Care offers you:

  • Podiatry professional equipment from Affordable to the Top of the class models
  • Burs and cutters
  • Tools and implements
  • Special accessories
  • Professional Education
  • Wide range of hypoallergenic products for professional treatments in the fields of foot care and podiatry
  • Diabetic Foot Care line


SÜDA Care is a premium quality line with non-animal tested research. The products are designed for foot care treatments as well as specialized applications.
Due to natural active ingredients and essential oils, SÜDA care gives you an effective solution for most common foot problem, such as:

  • Dry feet
  • Hard and cracked feet skin,
  • Foot odor and sweaty feet,
  • Tired, Sensitive and sore feet
  • Ingrown nails
  • Fungus infected nails and Athlete’s foot



The products in the “red range” have been designed to deal with the more specific problems and complaints affecting the feet. They deliver utmost quality to meet the demands of a professional pedicure, offering intensive as well as targeted treatments for a wide variety of nail and skin problems. Suitable for use in a salon and for sale (with professional advice), these products complete the pedicure procedure and provide effective support in professional pedicure services.


Diabetes – a metabolic disease that can also have many side effects has become widespread. This includes skin damage, particularly on the lower legs and feet. The diabetes causes these customers to have reduced feeling in their legs and feet, requiring particular attention from you not only during chiropody treatment but also in the diabetic foot care products. “Linie D” from SÜDA care has been specially tailored to the needs of diabetics; the products contain only raw materials and active ingredients classified as suitable for diabetics.


The SUDA instruments is impressive due to its unique manageability. We are convinced, that these tools become an essential part of your working instruments. In order you definitively get quality made in Solingen.
All instruments are in stainless steel quality and non-rusting.


For almost 90 years SÜDA stands for innovation and quality in the field of footcare and podiatry. SÜDA is probably the oldest and most traditional footcare brand when in comes to machine supported foot treatment technology.
In the development and introduction of the first wet technology unit SÜDA took as an innovative company in cooperation with partners a leading role. Committed to this tradition, SÜDA constantly working on innovative solutions across the spectrum of machine-supported pedicure and podiatry.
All pedicure chairs come from the development to the design up to the complete production from its own manufacturing facility in Leipzig.


We are on the move - for flexible treatment comfort for professional applications.
Mobility is becoming an ever increasing importance in foot care. The need for ever more sophisticated treatment services in the mobile foot care as well. We will be happy to advise you on meaningful solutions for your needs.


Sincerely Yours,

“Toes & Fingers” team!


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