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Our mission is to improve the quality and safety of pedicures in Ireland!



Our Shop of Foot Care pleased to present you an innovative and highly functional quality foot care products with excellent value. Toes & Fingers is an exclusive distributor in Ireland of the leading Professional Foot Care brands SÜDA CARE, PODOFIX, CALLUSAN and UNGUISAN. They are internationally recognized German brands with many years of experience that use latest technology for high quality foot care products and equipment.



Our Waterless Pedicure School founded to help distinguish the professional who has advanced training and knowledge in pedicures from the standard salon technician.

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of foot care. We are dedicated to offering the most up to date information on foot problems encountered by the pedicurist along with various practical methods of management. Our Waterless pedicure course is more than a “manicure” of the feet, but less than a chiropody treatment.



We are also dedicated to providing you the finest professional Foot and Nail care services, in an extremely spotless sanitized, contemporary and a tranquil environment. Our salon is equipped with specialized podiatry equipment, sanitation system and use only high quality professional foot and nail care products from our brands.


SÜDA and Callusan range have products suitable for diabetics. Nowadays diabetes has become a widely spread disease, which has a large number of accompanying conditions. There are estimates, according to which as many as 190000 people in Ireland living with diabetes. There are many reasons to care for your feet before an urgent problem becomes troublesome. Especially with diabetics, there is an additional reason to prevent the appearance of foot problems altogether. Foot problems can have serious consequences for diabetics. Therefore, the prevention of foot problems is very important for them. Specialized lines of our products, can be used by diabetics without restrictions.

Toes & Fingers is devoted to Your comfort and well-being!

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