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Our mission is to improve the quality and safety of pedicures in Ireland!


SÜDA Waterless Pedicure School

The net result of a pedicure should not only be to beautify the foot (skin and nails), but also physically improve the health of the foot: through proper procedure and educating the clients. Your own education of the basic anatomy and physiology of the foot will help you achieve both. With these two goals accomplished, you will see happy clients and a booming pedicure business!

 Our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of foot care. We are dedicated to offering the most up to date information on foot problems encountered by the pedicurist along with various practical methods of management. Our waterless pedicure course is more than a “manicure” of the feet, but less than a chiropody treatment.

Podofix®   Ingrown Toenails Treatment

Podofix®  provides an innovative method for correcting all types of ingrown toes. This type of correction is suitable for almost everyone, including infants and diabetic patients. Therapists and patients alike are convinced by its medical and cosmetic results

The Podofix® active adhesive brace may only be administered by trained and experienced medical staff and beauticians.


UNGUISAN®  Toenail Replacement course

Nail prosthetics means replacement, repair, correction, extension and protection of toenails. It has already been invented and patented by Josef Greppmayr as early in 1954.
Today there are 2 different methods available, covering nearly an unlimited spectrum of therapies.
The UNGUISAN® Classic Start-Set is all you need - together with your standard equipment and your podiatric expertise - to get started with this fascinating working technique.

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