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Suda Myco Nail 2x10ml

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Nail cosmetics for the strengthening and regeneration of toenails and fingernails. Made from 100% synergetic aromas. As an aroma or aromatic solvent, 1.2 propnadiol is a harmless substance with nurturing and conservative properties. Benzyl alcohol is added as a technical aid with conservative features, and is a natural product that can be found in jasmine flowers, clove oil, wallflower oil. Both substances are approved as food additives in accordance with EU regulations (1.2 propandiol – E 1520, benzyl alcohol – E 1519). In addition it contains SÜDAcare Myko nail anethol, a harmless aroma that can be found in many essential oils, such as aniseed or fennel for example. Aniseed is one of the aromas that, along with a variety of other added aromas, synergistically cares for and strengthens the nail.

The combination product is made up of the two solutions Day and Night. The Day tincture is to be used once in the morning and the Night tincture once in the evening. The differing compositions of the synergetic aromas ensure that Day, thanks to the natural disin­ fecting properties of the various aromas, deploys a high protective function against germs that surface throughout the day. In contrast, Night works by strengthening and constructing the nail. 

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