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podofix®  complete kit                   

 The Podofix brace®, is initially sold as a complete set with a number of braces, all instruments and materials required for the application on the brace.

 podofix complete kit includes:

  • 4pcs. Podofix S
  • 8pcs. Podofix M
  • 4pcs. Podofix L
  • podofix Tension Tool
  • Cutter
  • Spatula
  • Active Glue 7ml
  • Pedi Gel Sealant 4g
  • Micro lamp incl. batteries
  • Alcohol swaps
  • DVD Tutorial

7300; 2130; 7210; 8100; 8200; 8300; 4300

Application range 
The podofix active glue-on brace can be used for practically all kinds of deformed, painfully ingrown and curled-up nails. In addition, use of the podofix brace is recommended for treatment of hypergranulation and corns in the nail fold. The podofix brace is also suitable for cosmetic correction of misshaped nails. As preparatory treatment for application of the 3TO brace or other wire braces a podofix brace can initially be used if the nail fold is still too narrow for insertion of the wire hooks.

Duration of treatment 
Depending on the conditions, the podofix active glue-on brace remains on the nail for a period of from two weeks to about two months and can then be replaced by new braces until the desired therapy effect is achieved.

Placing the brace 
The podofix active glue-on brace is attached in or just behind the area of the nail from which pain emanates. The size of the brace should be selected in such a way that the brace can be placed as close as possible to the nail rim on the side with the pain but in no case protruding beyond it. If the suction effect of a brace does not suffice then two podofix braces can be attached behind each other on a nail.


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