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Pedicure Chair AF1

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Pedicure chair AF1

Compact, convenient, comfortable

The AF1 is a versatile talent and function scores with its space-saving compact design.
With a lowered seat height only 51 cm and the swing arm provides this pedicure chair
a comfortable and convenient seat entry. With the help of the electric 
drive, the seat height can be adjusted continuously by footswitch. The seat angle can be 
set mechanically. The two-piece leg rest can be included inclination angle infinitely 
adjustable los individually. The head-and footboards can be according to customer / size 
optimal patient, pull out by simple, adapt. , you can also massage for applications,
if the AF1 next pedicure treatments contact.
Thanks to the flat adjustable backrest they can fill the massage position bring.
Ensures the adjustable head here for the optimal sleeping position the client / patient part.
For massages, it is inserted upside down, thus forming a comfortable nose slit.
There are 4 fully swiveling wheels at the pedestal of the chair. With the help of 
a moving or shifting during AF1 is easy. On fixed pitch, the rollers can then be fixed quite easily.
The cushion is a classic upholstery. The 10 cm thick, smooth breathable cushions with foam 
core is very durable and has a slightly textured surface. The pad is water- 
tight with wet stop and resistant to disinfectants and cleaning agents.
For hygienic protection the Classic cushion we offer transparent Fußteilschoner. For 
the complete protection of the entire cushion, you have the possibility to pedicure chair with 
to order a hygienic clean line finishing.

Power requirements:

230 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz

Length (cm):


Width m. Armrests (cm):       


Seat height (cm):



60 kg

Max on seat:

150 kg

  • Comfortable fit in, swing-out armrests and extremely 
    lowered seat height only 51 cm
  • Electrical actuator for continuous adjustment of the seat height by 
    foot switch, seat angle mechanically adjustable
  • Mounted on 4 stable, swiveling casters for rearranging 
    or dislodgement of the chair
  • Divided leg rest with continuous adjustment of individual 
    opportunity, individually adjustable inclination angle
  • Foot sections extendable
  • Adjustable backrest flat position in Massage
  • Headboard extendable
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