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Pioneer 3M

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Comfort pedicure chair in a class

The multifunctional chair PIONEER was developed in collaboration with podiatrists. 
Comfort The new pedicure chair offers a combination of high-quality stability criteria with technical highlights successful design and a TOP price-performance ratio.
This combination guarantees your customers the ultimate in relaxed comfort and unique styles and versatile and comfortable treatment options.

Technical Highlights - Successful design

Thanks to the contoured seat cushion shape The PIONEER offers perfect seating comfort. Because of the possibility 
of absolute flat position, you can use the chair for a variety of treatments, for example for 
massage services. In the prone position, then offer the foldable, padded armrests high 
comfort. The entire chair is rotatable both to the left and to the right by 90 ° and the leg 
support can be pivoted outwardly. The absolute vertical lifting and lowering the pedicure chair 
offers maximum comfort in the maintenance of working position and workplace ergonomics. The three-piece, 
ergonomic pad, the comfortable heel pad adjustment and the extractable and removable 
face Kopstütze complete the functionality. With an entrance height of 52 cm and a maximum working height of 139 cm,
the PIONEER offers you 
and your clients the best conditions for a successful treatment. 
Even at maximum working height of the chair with up to 200 kg can be loaded.

Innovation - The unique multi-function foot remote control

All positions are set automatically via the multi-function foot control. A convenient 
3-way memory function drives your PIONEER only a foot print completely to the saved from you 
treatment position. Complete the innovative multi-function foot switch controllable he creates you 
the perfect space for your hands and a concentrated treatment.

Individual and customizable for your exact claim

to hygienic protection of the cushion we offer 4-piece transparent Fußteilschoner. For the all-round 
protection of the entire cushion, you have the possibility to pedicure chair with a hygienic clean line 
to order processing. (for which please contact our sales - we are happy to help)

The PIONEER is in two different upholstery finishes available:

Classic Upholstery - The 10 cm thick, breathable smooth cushion with foam core is particularly hard- 
capable and has a slightly grained surface. The pad is waterproof with moisture resistant stop and 
to disinfectants and cleaning agents.

Contour cushion - The 12 cm thick, breathable, ergonomically designed cushion with foam core 
and single-chamber enclosure is waterproof with moisture stop and resistant to disinfectants and 
cleaning agents. This mixed-cushion technology in conjunction with the bucket seat-shaping guaranteed 
unique sitting / lying comfort.

Also the colors of the pedicure chair, you can choose

Power consumption:

230 V AC / 
50-60 Hz


120 VA

Length (cm):


Header extension (cm):


Extendable foot (cm):


Length of the leg rests (cm):      


Width with armrests (cm):


Pad width (cm):


Seat depth (cm):


Seat height (cm):


Maximum working height (cm):


Total rotation angle:

180 °

Weight (kg):


Max on the seat (kg):



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