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ULTRA 1431

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ULTRA 1431

Ultrasound generated millions of tiny air bubbles. In combination with an 
enormous pressure these achieve an efficient cleaning action.

The cleaning of your instruments, cutlery and cutter is quick and effortless. 
Thus, this is great ultrasonic cleaner is not only effective, but also environmentally friendly. Via a built-in digital timer,
you have the option 5 different periods of time to enter.

The built-in 100 watt heater automatically switches on at a temperature from 65 ° C. But the case has heat retaining properties.
s innovative, patented design combined with the new improved control panel make this ultrasonic cleaner indispensable and a real eye catcher in your institute.
2.5 liter stainless steel tank

Tank size:

approx 246 x 146 x 80 mm

max. 2.2 liters


2.5 kg

Cleaning performance:            

70 Watt

 Ultrasonic frequency:         

 42,000 Hz

Built-in 100-watt heater (auto off at about 65 ° C)

  • Digital timer with 5 time settings  (90/180/280/380/480s)
  • New improved operator field
  • Innovative, patented design and ultra quiet operation
  • Etc. For medical instruments, cutlery

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