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ULTRA 1432

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ULTRA 1432 ultrasound machine

Use our Ultra 1432 for a quick, efficient and effortless cleaning of your tools, milling cutters, cutlery, etc.
Due to the built degas function, interfering gas bubbles, the clean formation of cavitation in directing ultrasonic waves prevent the liquid discharged. 

Consequently, the cleaning performance is reliably optimized.

To use all you need is hot water, thus operated the device efficiently and is also environmentally friendly.

The extremely quiet ultrasonic device has a large 2 liter stainless steel tank and a 2-color LED display. 
Moreover, a digital time control for the period 1-30 minutes are possible.

The built-in 800 watt heater produces the required temperature quickly and efficiently heat-retaining structure, the heat is retained long.
The innovative, patented design and its white color fits the ultrasonic cleaner perfectly in your institution and should not be missed there.

2.0 liter stainless steel tank, max. 1.7 liter

Tank size approx 183 x 153 x 77 m
Filling volume 1.7 liter
Weight 2.2 kg
Cleaning performance        70 Watt
Ultrasonic frequency 35,000 Hz

Built-in 80 watt heater (auto off at about 60 ° C)

  • 1-30 min. Time setting
  • 2-color LED display • Degas function to increase the cleaning effect
  • Etc. For medical instruments, cutlery
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