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Unguisan is a two-pack synthetic resin consisting of a powder and a liquid hardener. Mixing the two initiates a cross-linking process (polymerisation), which takes several minutes and this process begins the moment the two are mixed. During it the user can shape the plastic to suit his own individual desires. What is produced is an artificial nail whose color, shape and characteristics imitate those of the material of the natural nail. It forms a durable and gentle connection with what is left of the natural nail and thus forms the basis for the technique described here.

Unguisan can be used to treat a wide range of nail problems, though a distinction needs to be made between chronic nail damage and temporary deformation. What can be laid down as a general rule is that there must be a remnant of the natural nail to provide a durable anchorage for the artificial nail.

The new Start-Set comes in a convenient storage box providing you with every utensil you need for both methods in any case and is sufficient for about 30-40 applications.

1  PG-1100 - UNGUISAN Powder incl. dose spoon, 30 ml

2  PG-1000 - UNGUISAN Hardener liquid incl. Glass pipette, 30 ml

3  PG-1400 - Glass pipette with silicon bellows

4  PG-1500 - Dose spoon, synthetic

5  PG-1600 - Mixing spatula, stainless steel, rust-proof

6  PG-1700 - Mixing vessel, silicon, blue

7  PG-1300 - Dose bottle for hardener, 50 ml

8  PG-1900 - Nail plate, 125 x 125 mm

9  PG-1800 - Shaping strips, 25 pieces, 25 x 90 mm

10  PG-2000 - Templates, 100 pieces self-adhesive

11  PG-2202 
 DVD-instruction movie

12  PG-2250 Instruction manual nail prosthetics


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